Reiki means universal energy. It is not your or my energy which is limited, it is the energy of the universe which is unlimited and speeded and available everywhere. It is also known as touch and distance therapy. Reiki takes the body in ultimate relaxing stage. In many reasons of Reiki healings one is this that Reiki heals by giving Relaxation.
  • Reiki Sessions / Treatments.
    One can take Reiki session and treatments to experience the wide effect of it. The results in some kind of problems may vary person to person depending on there response to the healings, but in any case it makes a mark on the person. In some cases one may have to take few sessions to get rid of there age old problems. It is best suited for mental, emotional , spiritual and sexual problems. It is also help in all kind of physical problems but may take time or need regular sessions. When person is physically in front of use then we prefer the Touch therapy where we have to heal all important organs, joints , limbs and chakras of the body. One should be comfortable about the touch during the session or inform about it.
    A session takes about 60 minutes. Briefing is being given before the session and also experience is being shared after the session.
  • Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing Sessions
    We all have 7 chakras in our body which are situated in different parts of the body. Various chakras are responsible for various aspects of life. Due to different happenings in our life our various aspects of life get disturbed which results in misbalance and destabilizing our chakras. In this healings first we scan the various chakras of the body and then heal as per the requirements.
    Many people had taken the advantage of these healings sessions. There may be a few sessions required also in some cases depending on the problems people carry in there life. Many people had even get rid of there many years old problems by this holistic method of healings.
    It is a personalized session which may take more then 60 minutes or so. The tentative program time is 60 minutes but we do not resist ourselves in time frame when start our healing process. It is very good healing method for those who are carrying many problems from there past life related to family , friends, love , sex, fear , emotional or other kind of problems.
Reiki there are 3 levels in Reiki learning as follows : -
  • First Level Program for Self Healing & Healing Others.
    Reiki is such a nice healing tool that everyone should learn it and use it .If one does not want to do it for others even then he/she can do it for themselves. It does not require any kind of tool or else. One can do it anywhere anytime after learning the proper technique.
    Reiki first level is a basic program which makes a person “Reiki Healer”. It is a 3 days program of about 150 minutes each day. The program for the 3 days are as under :-
    Day 01 – The lecture about the quality of a Healer, Philosophy of Reiki  History of Reiki and Principals of   Reiki
    Day 02 – One Reiki session is being given to the learner and one specific kind of meditation is being taught to tap the energy from the Universe. Discussion on any questions related to previous day programs.
    Day 03 – The actual technical process of Reiki for self healing and healing others. One Reiki session is received from the student. At last we do the attunement  ceremony and attune the learner as a “Reiki Healer”.
    After the attunement process one should do his/her practice by self healings everyday and then do healing of others also. We provide the Reiki Workbook with some noticeable and detailed information about the course
  • Reiki Second Level Program for Distance Healings & Use of Symbols.
    After Learning and practicing self healing and healing of others one can learn the use of symbols and distance healing methods. In this method Reiki distant healers can heal the person from any distance. It is very effective when a person is injured, burned , not able to receive contact healings or away at any distance from you.
    The aspirants may learn Reiki first level anywhere else and can still come to learn for second level with us. For such learners it is 2 days program of minimum 150 minutes each.
    Day 01 : We discuss the quality of healers, Reiki first level meditation and our method of Reiki healings.
    Day 02 : A different Reiki Meditation is being taught. Reiki’s secret symbols are being given and the method of distant treatments is being given. A process of attunement for second level is the last activity of the program. After this Reiki Healer become the “ Reiki Distant Healer”.
    Note : It is only one day program for our Reiki First level students, However they are allowed to rejoin the first day program if that is the case.
  • Reiki Mastership Level Programs.
    Reiki Mastership program is for those who want to spread this program among other and want to work as Reiki teachers. When a Reiki Distant Healer is find him/herself to spread this beautiful knowledge then they can join in this program.
    Many places teach Reiki Masterships Program in 3 levels as 3 a , 3 b and teacher training. We have made this simple and we teach all three part at same time as our purpose is to spread this art to each person.
    The Mastership level program is as follows : -
    The aspirants may learn Reiki first and second level anywhere else and can still come to learn for Master level with us. For such learners it is 3 days program of minimum 150 minutes each.
    Day 01 : We discuss the quality of healers, Reiki first level meditation and our method of Reiki healings.
    Day 02 : A  Reiki Meditation for second level is being taught. A Reiki session is being given and take using distant techniques.
    Day 03 : A secret symbol for master level is being given and the method of attunement of other people is being taught for first , second and even master level. Another Master level meditation is being taught .At last of the program final attunement process is done to attune the Reiki Distant healer to “ Reiki Master”.
    Now it is the duty of the learner to practice Reiki in all respect and give healing to all who want it.

Note : It is only one day program for our Reiki First and second level students, However they are allowed to rejoin the first and second day program if that is the case. If  some students wants to learn any 2 or 3 level all together then they can also do so but it all depends on the evaluation of Reiki Master. If they are capable enough to carry forward all knowledge all together then they can do so. Please discuss in details before joining the course.

We offer our assistance to all of our students and Reiki Healers even after going back to there place. If they need any guidance and support from our end in there practice and healing, they can contact us via e mail / phone or else.

Past Life Regression Program :-

As per Hindu philosophy of Past life which is very scientific also our soul never dies and it can only be liberated or keep moving in this cylcle of death and birth.

It is very scientific and works as per the 3rd law of Newton that every action has a reaction. So if you have done something then you are liable to bear the consequences of that action. Some time that may be instaant and some time it may take a long time as many months, years or even next lives too.

We have seen many time people have some problems in this very life and they dont understand the reason of it. It may be any kind of fear, dreams, problems,worries, nighmares or some time extra ordinary quality also. We try to look into there past lives to find out more in details for the route cause of the problems or there reasons.

In our research we have found that soul belongs to different places and travel in groups in many lives. So we see migration of people from one to another places in this world. Soul keep searching for its place from where it belongs too. If it finds its original place then it is peacefull.

Please remember Past life regression is not a relaxation program and may gives problems also during and after the sessions to some people. First we have to understand the reson for past life regression and then only we may decide about this session.